AZOGUE by Senshoku

Azogue was the ancient name of mercury and also, by extension, the name given to ships traveling to the new world s of this element of water for the gold of the earth. Gold that would later make the long journey back to Castile. Azogue is the same name used for squares and markets where food was traded in the time of Muslim rule. A space for fundamental encounter and exchange in that society. It is the Spot of today, Azogue is synonymous with frenetic and feverish activity. Hyperactivity. Because we are restless we look for gold in the best raw materials on the market by playing with the temperatures of our furnaces that could well continue mercury as a compass in its measurement.

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Gran Hotel Albacete | Albacete | Are you thinking about your wedding day?

Are you thinking about your wedding day?

Our hotel offers you a number of halls and private lounges that will ensure you an unforgettable celebration.

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